Newer stuff is at the beginning of each section.

Brutum Fulmen

A Systematic Way to Achieve Astral Projection

A C30 utilizing mainly feedback: improvisations, collages, etc. Plus two tracks built entirely out of sounds provided by others. August 2011. [Banned Production]

1000 Suns

After quite a long break, we are finally back with some new material. Of all things, an experimental audio drama for cassette. October 2007. [Throne Heap]

Flesh of the Moon

Our first album released on CD! Restrained but varied material. Professionally manufactured, released in jewel case with color art. Summer 2002. [CIP]


A live split CD between the Brutum Fulmen, Dan Bodah, and Noumena. All recorded in the Commonwealth of Massachussettes - Brutum Fulmen & Dan Bodah at the RRRecords shop. Summer 2002. [Gameboy]

Tender Wreckage

This split/collaborative LP with Lasse Marhaug is out now! One side by each of us, with some tracks made using only the other artist's source material. Spring 2001. [Gameboy Records]

Armenia/Brutum Fulmen split

A low-fi rumble of cassette noise. The Brutum Fulmen side is based mainly on field recordings from in and around a ShopRite supermarket at Christmas time. Nov 2000. C60 [Bizarre Audio Arts].

Cock ESP/Brutum Fulmen split

Fairly gentle, chilly sounds in a very limited edition of 25. 2000. 3" CDR [Gameboy].

Moon Boots

Spacey sounding material derived mainly from computer data files used as audio, our strongest material to date. 2000. [Eggshell and Four Dead].

Idle Threats, vol. 1

A Brutum Fulmen sampler with tracks from our three official albums plus unreleased tracks. If you buy this, you can send me your mp3.com receipt and get $2 off any other Brutum Fulmen albums you order. 1999. CDR [mp3.com].


Mainly feedback sounds, with some acoustic sources. Manipulated into both relaxing atmospheric and grating harsh pieces. 1998. CDR [NEUS-318].

Collapsing Orchestra

Created from mostly untreated acoustic sound sources recorded in collaboration with Ninnuam. 1997. CDR [InDigest Press], ltd ed C60 [freedom from..., sold out].

Stipes & Patibulum

Four-track home-taped pre-Brutum Fulmen material recorded between 1987-1997. Some material previously released on C45 [Sonic Delights, deleted]. CDR 1998 [InDigest Press]. C60 [Origami, alegedly]. CDR [Choco, alegedly].


The More Unknown C. Reider

Three CDs worth of remixes to celebrate C. Reider's 20th anniversary of making experimental music. 2011. [Vuzh Music]

Germination Volume 2 Number 2

Web compilation of compositions built at least partially from the TapeGerm Collective's library of sounds. 2010. [TapeGerm]

4 Sides a Circle

Four 3-inch CDRs of music by artists never before released by the label. Comes with a real compass to help you find your way through the sounds from "the four sides of the noise compass". 2006. [Banned Production]


A C90 of noise music. 2006. [Black Arts Productions]

New England

The RRRecords 20th Anniversary celebration 5LP box set. Noise artists from New England area, with handmade covers. Feb 2004. [RRRecords]

My Malady

A CD compilation on the theme of sickness. Each track takes on a different real or imagined illness. Brutum Fulmen track is a tribute to rickets. April 2003. [Mental Monkey]


100 four-second tracks by 100 different artists all run together, unlabeled on one side of a 7" record. April 2003. [Gameboy]

IBOL Magazine #3

This magazine features a Brutum Fulmen interview and the accomanying CDR compilation kicks off with our track "Scraping Barnacles off the Warp Drive Manifold" in the first slot. The piece is an outtake from work done for our Flesh of the Moon CD. January 2002. [IBOL]

Tube Testing

A CDR compilation featuring remixes of a recording of vacuum tube feedback from D-503. June 2001. [Luche Libre].

Random Spheres of Influence

A CDR compilation of mostly lesser known experimenters and noisicians culled from the pages of mp3.com. May 2001. [IBOL].

Bhreus Kormo

A compilation benefiting the Howard Brown Health Center's Cancer Quality of Life Study, which is the first to compare social factors between lesbians and straight women dealing with breast cancer. Includes a plastic self-exam guide with cute butch girl illustrations, and a great line up of experimental pieces. Jan 2001. [CIP].


A CD compilation from Howard Stelzer's intransitive label featuring a selection of the top minimal and experimental acts. Oct 2000. [Intransitive].


I sent an early mix of "Rain God (pt 1+2)" which is a little something I'm putting together from a field recording made during a thunderstorm and a live show recording involving scrap metal and feedback which was damaged during a computer crash. Summer 2000. [Hellbox].

NEUS-318 Comp Vol 6

The latest installment of this Osaka-based experimental & noise compilation CDR series. The Brutum Fulmen track is "Ice Summit". Sep 1999 [NEUS-318].

Noise Kills Punk Dead

A CD compilation of 67 tracks of scum, noise, unidentifiable lo-fi sludge, etc, etc. Brutum Fulmen track: "Quartet for Plastic Toy Horns". Feb 1999 [Opulence].


Hand packaged C60. Brutum Fulmen track: "The Egg". Nov 1998. [Varicocele]

Willpower Report 2

4-way experimental/noise split compiled in Norway. Brutum Fulmen tracks: "Moon Boots," "Mourn," "Puncture," "Snake Charmer." Nov 1998. [Public Demand Cassettes]

I Hate Noise Compilations

C60 of noise compiled in Norway. Brutum Fulmen track "Shedding Skin". Nov 1998. [Public Demand Cassettes]

God's Children

Excellent four band C60 compilation from France, includes Brutum Fulmen tracks "Death of the Will" and "7". Oct 1998. [Arctique Records]

Squeezing Being

"A modern approach to Reality manipulation" released on CDR by Wholeness Recordings contains the our track "The Lurking Fear". Aug 1998.

NEUS-318 Compilation Vol.1

A CDR compilation of NEUS-318 experimenters, with "Girl from Feedback Overdrive" off the Spork album. Jul 1998.

Experimental Audio V.1

A CDR compilation [SFWD] with the Brutum Fulmen piece "Avatar" from Stipes & Patibulum. Jul 1998.


A 2xC60 [Fabrik] comp. Brutum Fulmen contribution is "Subconscious" from Collapsing Orchestra, mislabled as "Oblivion". Jun 1998.

Entartete Music 1-4

A 4xC90 [Entartete] noise comp. I never got a copy of this one. Grr. If I remember correctly, the Brutum Fulmen track was "Slough" which is a reworking of sounds from "Oblivion" on Collapsing Orchestra. 1998.

Experimental Go Go

DAT only compilation [Tidal Wave Recycling] with over two hours of sounds including about half an hour of improvised feedback noodling from Brutum Fulmen entitled "Blind Duet for Patch Cords". 1998.