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Black Arts Productions

The Brutum Fulmen track "Arm the Children" was originally created for a comp meant to comment in general on murders perpetrated by children, and on Kip Kinkle's 1998 murders of his parents and students in his high school in particular. The compilation was never released and Kip was essentially forgotten by the popular media, in the wake of Columbine in 1999.

"Arm the Children" is a noise track using the sound sources: voice, gun sound effects, TV commentator, and an actual 911 tape of a kid who'd just accidentally shot his sister.

Side 1

  1. Lasse Marhaug - Sodomy For Beherit
  2. Azoikum - Japanized
  3. Koje - Polaris
  4. Grunt - Untitled
  5. STROM.ec - Dogs Of Total Order @ Latvia
  6. Sektion B / Green Army Fraction - Priorität
  7. Brutum Fulmen - Arm The Children

Side 2

  1. Klangstabil - Nur In Meinem Kopf
  2. Bardoseneticcube - Untitled
  3. MFS - Mindfuck Surgery
  4. Hidden Technology / UF18 - Der Mensch Erscheint Im Holozän
  5. No Xivic - Happopesu
  6. Zer0-Sum - Vacant Decay