Live Performances

June 1: A Night of International Noise

Sat June 2, 2001 - Manhattan rooftop

Somewhere in downtown Manhattan, we played on the roof of an apartment building. The rain stopped just before the bands started. Only one neighbor threatened to call the cops. Somewhere I have a video of some of the day. Besides us, Lux Mammoth, Perlonex, and Viodre played. Plus there were two nuts from Georgia called Triple Velcro who did a "comedy" act. And a weird chick with what appeared to be a grade-school diorama but also involved a kaleidescope who, for 50cents, would stick the diorama on your face, sing to you and show you her belly button. Unfortunately there was a line and we took off before getting our turn.

Fri June 1, 2001 - A Night of International Noise

Nine bands from around the world, a new Joe Christ film, and DJs between sets. I think this was an awesome evening, even though I didn't get to spend a lot of time on the 2nd floor and actually missed one of the acts completely. I'll have a page up devoted to this outcome of this show in the near future.

Fri March 23, 2001 - Zeitgeist Gallery - Cambridge MA

The Brutum Fulmen return to the Zeitgeist, along with Greg Kelly & Jason Lescalleet who perform on trumpet and tapeloops.

Fri March 16, 2001 - Second Floor - Brooklyn NY

The Brutum Fulmen joined a line-up including Norway's Tore H Boe, Ortho, Irene Moon, Leaky, and the film Curse of the Seven Jackals. We unveiled a new more visually interesting and more minimal piece entitled "They Came from Planet X", unfortunately we had some sound problems and cut our set short.

Fri Oct 6, 2000 - Zeitgeist Gallery - Cambridge MA

Our only appearance for 2000 was at the Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge MA, outside Boston. Also appearing was laptop ambient artist Hrvatski. Our next show will also most likely be at the Zeitgeist, in March 2001. The gallery is at 312 Broadway [corner of Norfolk]. Pics are scarce once again, but please check out the recordings.

Flywheel flyer 18 Apr 1999

April 17-18, 1999 - Massachussettes

Doesn't look like we have pics from this outing. The RRR show was videotaped by Howard Stelzer for broadcast on a Boston area cable access program, and recorded to DAT. This was our best performance of the outing and it has now been released on the Massachusetts live CD.

March 12, 1999 - ABC No Rio - New York City

Lots of pics from our collaboration with MSBR on his US tour.

March 21, 1998 - Long Island

Our first show! Unfortunately our videographer got the "pause" and "record" controls mixed up. And we have no photos either.