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For the second Brutum Fulmen album, I decided to include my take on harsh noise, which I was listening to a lot at the time. The primary sound source was new for me: feedback; and I also allowed myself access to any and all audio effects (which I had strictly limited on the first).

I think the album is only partially successful.

  1. Angel Factory

    Feedback & electric contact sounds.

    I was surprised by the experiments leading to the sounds used in this atmospheric track, as many did not sound like feedback at all.

  2. The Egg

    Feedback. Metal shelving. Old manual typewriter. Loose cassette tape rubbed on play heads of dismantled tape deck.

    The hatching of some great metallic bird. Contrasting dark atmospheric and shrill sounds.

  3. Rasputin

    Feedback. Metal shelving. Chain. Loose cassette on play heads.

    This half-hour-long piece includes outtakes from our first-ever live show from 1998. Again a mix of ambient and harsh sounds, but I think it overstays its welcome in several places. Maybe that's why I named it after the mad monk.

  4. The Girl from Feedback Overdrive

    Feedback. Female voice & screams.

    I was trying to imagine what "feminine" harsh noise would sound like. Not sure if this is it.

  5. Fleshy Bulbs

    Feedback with patch cords.

    This is basically a shrill feedback improvisation on a little Sunn brand amp and a delay box played with patch cords. It was edited down, overdubbed with itself in sections, and subjected to some enhancement.

  6. Head Screws

    Feedback with microphones.

    Another improv based piece, but this time using microphones with the Sunn amp. Wow, did it give me headaches working on this high-frequency material.

  7. The Exterminator and the Centipedes


    Definitely the best of my harsh noise attempts here. Loosely inspired by the writings of William S. Burroughs. This is the battle of an exterminator hooked on halucinogenic bug poison, against his many-legged foes.