Armenia & Brutum Fulmen cassette art

Armenia & Brutum Fulmen

X-Mas at ShopRite

Bizarre Audio Arts
C60 / CDR


A low-fi rumble of cassette noise.

The Brutum Fulmen half of this tape was a rather raw, noisy and lo-fi afair. This is a collection of doctored up field recordings, loops, feedback, found sounds, etc. Most of the source material was recorded in and around a ShopRite supermarket at Christmas time 1999. This is sort of a tribute to New Jersey, employing many indigenous sounds gathered just before I moved away to Connecticut.

The Armenia portion was recorded at Radar/Excillium on 11/10/2000 by Leonard Sabatto who also runs the Bizarre Audio Arts label. Artwork created from real objects including stones and rubbish by Leonard Sabatto.

Brutum Fulmen side

  1. On the Road with the Brutum Fulmen

    Highway field recordings. ShopRite instore ambience including: piped-in Christmas music, perplexed shoppers, loudspeaker announcements. ShopRite parking lot ambience including: shopping carts, a Salvation Army Santa's bell, Ken's old Jeep. Feedback. Metal shelving and scrap metal. Inane naration by Ken & Jeff.

    At one point I thought it would be cool to do a little concept album, pretending to document going on a road trip with the Brutum Fulmen. Didn't happen. (3:53)

  2. Missing AB

    Feedback from Spork sessions.

    An older feedback piece. "Missing AB" is a probably-incorrectly-overheard medical term referring to a baby born without a heart. (4:20)

  3. The Mists of Kinelon

    Unretouched field recording of traffic and lawn watering system.

    The fancy title may make you think of something majestic like that fantasy novel The Mists of Avalon, but it's really just me standing at the side of Route 46 in New Jersey, listening to a lawn watering system outside some restaurant. (0:57)

  4. High On Food Mold

    Highway field recordings. Metal shelving. Hinges. Scrap metal. Baby voice. ShopRite field recordings. Feedback.

    This is the "big" piece, unfortunately it was shortened slightly to make everything fit on the side of the tape. Lots of looped sounds. The concept is a bad, cheap high: disorienting, but not entirely pleasant. (11:25)

  5. Dog Tyrant

    Highway field recordings. NYC dog pound field recordings. Metal. Hinges. Typewriter. Feedback.

    Some salvaged parts for a track that I gave up on, mixed with part of "Death of the Will" from the God's Children compilation. (4:37)

  6. Far Beyond Route 46

    Highway field recordings. Scrap metal.

    OK, actually, this is right next to Route 46. It's another loop based track. (3:32)

  7. Chewed Bubblegum

    Plastic straw in a fast food drink cup. Ken's Jeep. Inane dialog from Ken & Jeff.


Armenia side

  • Sacher-Masoch

    Left channel audio.

  • Djamila Boutache

    Right channel audio.