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Hellbox Recordings International Noise Compilation

Hellbox Recordings

This CDR compilation includes a good variety of noise and mostly lo-fi experimental music, much of it harsh but not all.

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell who did what tracks, unless you happen to have contibuted one yourself or are very familiar with an artist's sound. My guess is that the list on the back of the packaging was supposed to list the tracks in order. The only reason I know it doesn't is that the Brutum Fulmen track is listed in position 11 but is actually track 12 on the disc. Oh well.

The Brutum Fulmen track "Rain God" is an excerpt of a work in progress which combines a live feedback & metal recording that was damaged by a computer crash, with field recordings made during a thunder storm and involving a bicycle seat, a screen door, keys, etc.

  1. Helicopter - Drop Jets
  2. Detmold Juggernaut - Ailanthus
  3. Omelby - Day Dream 12
  4. The Violet Grind - First Failed Encounter with Deceptive Angels
  5. A Sonic Deterrent - Rat with Wings
  6. Marhaug/Courtis - Collaboration
  7. Arm - Gjæring/Vold 5
  8. Stolen Light - Speed Pt. 4
  9. Murder Legendre - Concussion
  10. Ovum - Corn
  11. Brutum Fulmen - Rain God Pt. 1&2
  12. Reynols - Masiamo Un Bonto Dituda III
  13. Diagram A - Excercise in Nothingness
  14. Floppy Tthomuse - Soldier Monkeys
  15. Facialmess - Fridays at Evian
  16. Rygg - Paralell Spaces