These are full length, good quality mp3s of Brutum Fulmen recordings.

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Scraping Barnacles off the Warp Drive Manifold

An outtake from Flesh of the Moon which also appears on the IBOL #3 compilation. Some of the sounds were also used in the album track "Haunted Space".

Lament of the Termite Queen

Large wooden power cable spool dragged on pavement. Feedback. Sticks. Metal shelf scraped on a metal cabinet.

One of my personal favorite Brutum Fulmen pieces is this sad song from Tender Wreckage.

Fever Dream

Feedback. Voice. Metal. Plastic toy reed.

A live solo improv recorded in my basement and released on the RRRecords New England box set compilation.

Live at Zeitgeist

Feedback. Voice. Metal. Cassette tape abusing a dismantled tape deck.

Live recording from October 2000 show at the Zeitgeist art gallery in Cambridge, MA. Definitely a more primitive and harsher sound than most Brutum Fulmen studio recordings.