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A compilation around the theme of disease. A nice listenable collection, well normalized so that you won't have to keep adjusting your volume as is sometimes a problem with experimental noise comps. A good variety of approaches with consistent quality.

The Brutum Fulmen track is "Rickets". When I was in fourth grade each kid was assigned a disease which we had to research and report on. I did rickets, which is attributed to vitamin D deficiency and causes the bones to become soft and deformed.

For this track I went back to the source material I used for Collapsing Orchestra, and reworked the sounds with a variety of techniques which I did not use at that time. A lot of the material was recorded at an underground construction site for a sewer pumping station at the Jersey shore, and includes: a variety of PVC and metal pipes, an aluminum rack rubbed on concrete, a squeeky cassette tape, a parking garage bathroom door hinge, sheet metal.

  1. Bomb 20 - Bipolar Depression/Cancer
  2. The Bran Flakes - Gonorrhea
  3. Burmese - Trichotillomania
  4. Change! - Paisley Fingers Toppling Into Sleeply Hands Lowering Loudly
  5. XSZI - Scoliosis
  6. Zipperspy - Epilepsy
  7. Morceaux_De_Machines - Flubru
  8. Eddie The Rat - Involvulus-Ritual
  9. 8=====D - Priapism
  10. Prion - Bovine Spongiform Enciphalopathy
  11. The Evolution Control Committee - Costello Kids in the Hood
  12. 7000 Dying Rats - Alzheimers
  13. Berkowirz Lake & Dahmer - Gangrene
  14. Cussycat - Hypochondria
  15. Travis Bickle's Mohawk - Vaginal Yeast Infection
  16. Karlheinz - Starvation Disease
  17. Books On Tape - Hemophelia
  18. Phroq - Arthritis
  19. Spin Laden - Bad Bug
  20. Giant Robot Solutions Group - John Cage Never Had Gout
  21. Ifihadahifi - You're No Pirate
  22. Kazumoto Endo - Hernia
  23. Jazzkammer - Anencephaly
  24. Brutum Fulmen - Rickets
  25. Mixel Pixel - Hoof In Mouth
  26. Deerhoof - Weak In The Knees
  27. Box Patrol - Beat of Anal(Fistule)
  28. Can't - Schizophonia
  29. Illusion Of Safety - Ascariasis
  30. Aprosody - Yes, I Had Gallstones
  31. Persona - Tinnitus
  32. v/vm - Gingivitis
  33. Iran - A Little Girl In A Car