Needlepoint cover art

various artists


C60 in handmade cloth packaging


A cassette beautifully packaged in a cloth case, hand made and silkscreened. The sound and recordings are of very high quality. This is probably the best compilation tape we've been on yet. Side one is harsh noise, side two is more experimental and varied. Our track is from Spork, but all the others are previously unreleased.

Side 1

  1. Kazumoto Endo -Raid23
  2. Dysthemia Scars - (sigh)
  3. Skin Crime - Mountain Dew Is My Life's Blood
  4. Stimbox - You'll Never Play this Town Again

Side 2

  1. Atlatl - Needledick
  2. Brutum Fulmen - The Egg
  3. Yukiko - Live at UFO Club
  4. Seedmouth - Live at DAM