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Germination Vol. 2, No. 2

TapeGerm Collective
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The TapeGerm Collective is an online community of loop based music makers to share material for mixing and remixing.

I don't generally consider loops to be a key part of what I do, but they invited me to contribute a library of original sounds, which I have yet to deliver.

But in the mean time I created a track using material from their archive, and which later appeared on this compilation.

A slightly different of the Brutum Fulmen track appears on A Systematic Way to Achieve Astral Projection.

  1. The Incomplete Orchestra - Mad Symphony 2010
  2. Brutum Fulmen - Sea Monster
  3. Zebra Mann - Brave New World Remix - Eclipse
  4. Slave Labour - Hey Mmm Glitchtimes
  5. Zebra Mann - Two Miss Understanding Dreams
  6. Zebra Mann - Spiderz Chapter Two - Emergence
  7. Zebra Mann - Spiderz Chapter Four - All You Need
  8. Dan Richert - Cracked Cable
  9. Britva - Perfect Symphony
  10. Zebra Mann - One Ticket to Dream
  11. Zebra Mann - Spiderz Chapter Three - Dispersal
  12. Slave Labour - IG Bell Me
  13. Zebra Mann - Electro Symphonic Craniatal Orgasmic Response Time
  14. Buzzsaw & the Shavings - Whilst Attaining to a Bottle of La T√Ęche