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Noise Kills Punk Dead




Noise Kills Punk Dead is a 72 minute compilation of 67 pieces of scum / noise / plagiarism / music. See the reviews page for a complete track listing and comments on each. Three years in the making. Get your copy of this surprisingly listenable and entertaining, definative document of scum -- before the movement is sold out to the major labels and Brent Comminski is found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

This also happens to be the first Brutum Fulmen appearance on "hard" media to see daylight. 

  • Brutum Fulmen - Quartet For Plastic Toy Horns

    Plastic reed removed from toy noisemaker source sounds

    The Brutum Fulmen contribution is a rather uncharacteristic piece utilizing the plastic reeds extracted from party noise makers. This was done before I figured out how to properly record and mix tracks on my computer. Submitted to the comp on cassette tape for added no-fi flavor.