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Tube Testing

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For this compilation, each participant remixed a recording of vacuum tube feedback by D503 entitled "Vacuum Tube". I'm kinda surprised the source sound wasn't included on the comp, because it's rather interesting in itself without additional modification. The contributors took a fairly wide range of approaches in their reworkings.

The Brutum Fulmen contribution "Anaerobe" is a little different for us, having a noticable rhythmic element to it. A later version is included on Flesh of the Moon.

  1. Brutum Fulmen - Anaerobe
  2. Dier - Hippopotamus Hide
  3. River Fish Duo - E But Mu Cav
  4. Orators - Vacula
  5. Quid - Quid Remix
  6. Anaphylaxis - Soothe
  7. Andy Kisargi - Tiger Style
  8. Nasakenai Douji - Liposuction Mix
  9. Vok - Ofvacuumtube
  10. Jason Campbell - JC Remix
  11. Phroq - Va Cum Mix
  12. Matt - Pink Haired Girl
  13. Andy Kisaragi - Viper Style
  14. Âmes Sanglantes - Vacuum Sanglantes
  15. D-503 - Thermionic Valve