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The Brutum Fulmen track "The Lurking Fear" is named for an HP Lovecraft short story. It was constructed from the sounds of metal shelving, an ironing board, and a cooking pot. The dark, brooding sound fits this collection of more experimental, less harsh noises.

Anthony of Wholeness Recordings and The Implicit Order has made this compilation (and the follow up) available for free online at archive.org.

"The Lurking Fear"

  1. De Fabriek - Titanic Disco
  2. Anlage - Meine Seele Verauft
  3. Kirchenkampf - Talitha Coum
  4. C. Reider - A Stretch of Logic
  5. Yuri Jossa - 101 Uses for Star Endorsed Guitar Pickups
  6. BRF - Aire
  7. tac - excerpt from Still Life
  8. Brutum Fulmen -The Lurking Fear
  9. The Implicit Order -Fluidic Space
  10. Adam Bohman - The Letter...
  11. Mothman - Meta-Fur
  12. Antibody - Spontaneous Brain Nova
  13. The American Tract Society - There is No Business Like Show Business
  14. Zan Hoffman - 14 Creamy Porn Stars - Calories