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I Hate Noise Comps package
I Hate Noise Comps package

Noise and stuff compiled by one of those "Origami" factions from Norway. The Brutum Fulmen track is from Collapsing Orchestra.

Side A

  1. Violet Grind "Bartolin Gland Noise" (USA)
  2. Brutum Fulmen "Shedding Skin" (USA)
  3. Burt Reynolds Ensemble "Bovlat Arenilla" (Argentina)
  4. The Grey Wolves "Soundscape 2" (UK)
  5. Nomad Nipples "Maskin Maskin" (Norway)
  6. Neil Campbell (solo cymbal) (UK)
  7. Goofus Erectus "Arrboo" (USA)

Side B

  1. Origami Vodka "I Will Always Love You" (lost)
  2. Takamisawa (no title) (Canada)
  3. Brian Ladd "Guitarist Extraordinaire" (USA)
  4. Charles Bascomb "Evil Mr. Showbiz" (UK)
  5. Not Breathing "Death in Java" (USA)
  6. Courtis "Cercano Al Minivoltio" (Argentina)
  7. Lasse Marhaug "Pulesang" (Norway)
  8. Arm "Mortota" (Norway)
  9. Slaughter Slits "Goodbye Happiness" (Norway)