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Bhreus Kormo CD art
Breast exam shower hanger

The title supposedly translates to "Breast War" in some language, and in any case is an experimental music benefiting research related to lesbians and breast cancer. The package is a tall cardstock covered booklet of information about the charity, and also includes a plastic breast cancer self-exam guide which is meant to be hung in the shower.

All proceeds from the sale of this compact disc are being donated to the Howard Brown Health Center's Cancer Quality of Life Study. This study is the first to compare social factors between lesbians and heterosexual women with breast cancer.

The Brutum Fulmen track is a version of a piece that was originally submitted to a never-realized compilation of music inspired by Nurse With Wound.

  1. Brutum Fulmen - Before the Invention of the Nose Hair Tweezer

  2. Coeurl - Nothing, but a Certain Papable Numbness

  3. Irr. App. (Ext.) - To Bdelugma tes Eremoseos (part IV)

  4. Joshua Norton Cabal - Saboteur of Sleep and Sanity

  5. Seam Pith - Tube Within a Tube (edit)

  6. Negative Entropy - Wavelength of Absorbtion

  7. Bran (Another Plight of Medic's...) Pos - I Have Poor Posture (Trying to Correct It, but, You Know... Habits)

  8. Seafoam - , Bitte

  9. Vertonen - Moire

  10. Skin Crime - Cursed

  11. John Wiese - Departure Terminal