A Systematic Way to Achieve Astral Projection

Brutum Fulmen

A Systematic Way to Achieve Astral Projection

Banned Production

A Systematic Way to Achieve Astral Projection - cover art
full cassette art
first flap
second flap

if you lose your way in other realms
and begin to forget this reality...
you'll start to respond, like a sleepwalker,
to influences of those shadowy places
divorced from our daylight world.

The primary sound source for this limited edition C-30 is feedback, and there are also two tracks constructed entirely from recycled sounds recorded by others.

The painting is "The Preacher" and is part of the Fear series I painted as blank-book covers.

  1. An Angel Dancing on the Point of a Needle

    A single feedback improvisation using only an Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer ring modulator and a miniature Sunn Stinger 20 amp feeding back into themselves, with additional effects added afterward.

    Before they attempted to count angels on the head of a pin, they thought about counting them on the point of a needle. Which I think is a better place for angels. And, well, it just sounds like this one is writhing in a bit of pain.

    To this day, worlds populated by angels and related supernatural beings remain a surprisingly popular choice in alternate realities.

  2. Revealed Wisdom

    All sounds scavenged from the catalog of C. Reider. Much of the material comes from his album based on voice sounds, Aughtet.

    A different version of this track appeared on The More Unknown C. Reider compilation.

    Revealed wisdom is a classic source of "knowledge" about "reality".

  3. Bug Poison Hangover

    Feedback. Fiddle trees. Breath.

    I always liked the William S. Burroughs bit about junkies shooting up with poisonous bug powder. People will try anything if they are desperate enough for an escape. And really, where else can you get such a Kafka high?

  4. On Sea Monsters

    Trumpet. Synth. Water. Whales. All sounds sourced from the TapeGerm Collective and similar online libraries.

    The scientific order for whale is cetacean, from the Greek ketos meaning great fish or sea monster. Realities containing sea monsters seem to be on the decline. Save the cryptids!

  5. Your Astral Body

    Advertisement for astral travel self-help tapes. Breath. Toy accordian "breathing". Feedback from various combinations of the Sunn Stinger 20 amp and a single guitar effect pedal.

    You don't have to be a preacher to get a slice of the magic business.