Jeff Wrench

Self Portrait Yellow Blur, by Jeff Wrench, acrylic on wallpaper, 12x17 inches

Self Portrait Yellow Blur
by Jeff Wrench
acrylic on wallpaper
12 x 17 inches


I am interested in painting people. And about people. The shared human experience.

I like the idea that what we find most beautiful and desirable and valuable is not nature or power or money — but other humans.

I don’t try too hard to match reality, instead choosing colors and applying heavy brush strokes by intuition. I use acrylics on “found” surfaces like wallpaper and paint chips, affording another opportunity for chance and serendipity to play a role.

For me magic happens and insights are gained in exploration, not in trying to execute a faithful copy.


Brutum Fulmen is my audio project to create electro-acoustic, acousmatic, musique concrete recordings.

Parallel to my painting, I work outside the musical “reality” of traditional instruments, notes, and frameworks of harmony & rhythm. Instead I compose with the noises of ordinary objects which make sounds that are usually only ignored.


If I am successful, I hope you might reconsider yourself, those around you, or your environment — and look again at mundane aspects of your world with fresh eyes.

Please get in touch! My art and music is for sale. I may also be interested in opportunities to take part in art or music projects or exhibits.