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Random Spheres of Influence



A compilation representing a variety of approaches to experimental / noise music from mostly low profile artists from around the world. The label IBOL put this together from artists on mp3.com and sold it for just $5 post paid in the US.

The Brutum Fulmen track here is "Waiting in the Basement", a title which seems a bit autobiographical as I hunch here over my keyboard in the cellar. My sound sources include: a low rumbling which (if I remember correctly) is the sound of my DAT deck recording it's own motor sounds, various shuffling about, metal shelving, a sculpture made of welded scrap metal, the hinge on my refrigerator, an old manual typewriter, and a broken music box in a cardboard Christmas tree. I developed some sound processing techniques on this piece that I like quite a bit and will be exploring in the future.

  1. Clone45a-6 - Mantis
  2. hansNOIZE - Have You Ever Tried to Get Rid of Skull Piss?
  3. Directantrieb - Animal Farm 1
  4. Celeste Hutchins - Trio for Strings and Percussion
  5. AM Salad - Accidental Theorem
  6. Brutum Fulmen - Waiting in the Basement
  7. Manherrinbone - Megatherium
  8. Autocad - Log Tan Noise
  9. Directantrieb - Animal Farm 2
  10. Charlize - Low and ...
  11. Zanrac - Accretion Disk
  12. Coex Coexisting A&A - It's a Fucking Jungle Out There
  13. Kqwiet - Amidst the Wind
  14. Celeste Hutchins - Breaking Waves
  15. Manherringbone - Grinding Down
  16. hansNOIZE - Morning Bites
  17. Kqwiet - The Presence
  18. Autocad - Shunt104