Idle Threats cover art

Brutum Fulmen

Idle Threats


At one time, this was a bargain disc available from mp3.com which used to host indie music and burn CDRs for people. Anyway, this is a sampler of material from the first two official Brutum Fulmen albums, the pre-Brutum Fulmen Stipes & Patibulum, and tracks recorded for compilations.

I really liked the photo I took for the cover, and wish I could find the original or the negative. It's a nice blue sky with fluffy clouds reflected in a puddle in the muddy tire tracks of a heavy truck.

  1. "The Egg" - from Spork
  2. "Slough" - unreleased remix of "Oblivion"
  3. "Don't Go to Sleep with the Radio On" - from Stipes & Patibulum
  4. "Quartet for Plastic Toy Horns" - from Stipes & Patibulum
  5. "Grubs" - unreleased high energy mix of material used in "The Egg", eventually released on New England
  6. "Death of the Will" - non album track of recordings from a dog pound
  7. "Oblivion" - from Collapsing Orchestra
  8. "Avatar" - from Stipes & Patibulum
  9. "Symphony" (edit) - short version of 19 minute track from Collapsing Orchestra
  10. "The Exterminator and the Centipedes" - from Spork