God's Children cover art

various artists

God's Children

Arctique Records
45 min on C60


Experimental and noise tracks inspired by religious suicide cults from four artists. Originally, I believe each band was to contribute a pair of seven minute tracks, but one side of the tape has only two pieces and is half blank. None the less, this is an excellent comp with high quality recordings that fit nicely together.

Track titles are not included on the compilation and it's also not perfectly clear who did which, but the two Brutum Fulmen pieces appear at the end of the first side and are titled "Death of the Will" and "7". The former is an ominous sounding piece using ambient recordings of a NYC dog pound as source material. The latter is based on the cult suicide of seven people and is basically a sampler of seven different sound scapes.

The tape is packaged in a black corrugated cardboard envelope with a xeroxed booklet.

Apparent track order:

  • Klood
  • Klood
  • Brutum Fulmen - Death of the Will
  • Brutum Fulmen - 7
  • Dachise
  • M150K