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Tidal Wave Recording


Over two hours of digital sound experiments released by Lasse Marhaug's Tidal Wave Recording based in Trondheim, Norway.

Includes about half an hour of improvised feedback noodling from the Brutum Fulmen.

  1. Medit - Replodrones for Replofones 2

  2. Lasse Marhaug - Static Improv

  3. Tore Honore Boe - Housewife Agenda

  4. Dachise - Friday Night

  5. The Hypersexual Nymphomaniacs - Aquis Submensis

  6. Thirdorgan - Make Peace Not War

  7. The Hypersexual Nymphomaniacs - Oni-Gomon

  8. Brutum Fulmen - Blind Duet for Patch Cords