Brutum Fulmen First Show

Live: March 21, 1998

Long Island, NY

concert ticket

The Brutum Fulmen played our first live show, out on Long Island in the basement of Gaephayce the event organizer. He graciously gave us the headlining spot after four other excellent noise acts: Vertonen, Jared Turinsky, Gaephayce, Pale Room Ministry.

We played as a duo, performing a work in progress called "Rasputin". Our instruments included: a metal cabinet assaulted with its own shelves and a chain, a feedback loop, and a dismantled walkman manually operated with loose tape. Parts of this recording were eventually incorporated into the album version of this track on Spork.

Overall, I was happy with our maiden voyage but there were small problems. For one thing, I had a little trouble getting my feedback to behave exactly as I would have liked. Then near the end, our main speaker went out. Actually, this sounded good on the tape, but I think it threw us off and we didn't build up to the grand finale we had been practicing. But some of the other parts went great, especially the interaction between the hacked walkman and the feedback.