A Night of International Noise

Live: June 1, 2001

Brooklyn, NY

Night of International Noise flyer
Night of International Noise cd art
Two floors of continuous live experimental, dark ambient, and noise music by eight artists from around the world. Plus independent film "My Struggle" by Joe Christ. All for only $8. All ages welcome.

This was the only group show that I ever organized. It involved a bunch of artists from two different US tours plus a bunch of local acts. It certainly gave me an appreciation for the folks that bother to do this on a regular basis! I also designed a poster and a sampler CDR with which I attempted some limited promotion.

The venue seemed to be operating in a grey area - we were supposed to avoid advertising in printed media, and there was no sign or name to the venue. I believe it also operated a "pirate" radio station, and seems to have been related to the free103point9 organization.

X-Noise Tour

  • Lux Mammoth - Australian boy/girl heavy noise bass duo
  • Perlonex - German free improv electroacoustic

Fire Martyrs Tour

  • Einleitungzeit - Slovakian industrial power electronics
  • Schloss Tegal - US dark ambient & power electronics
  • Skroll - Czech martial & orchestral noise
  • Joe Christ's latest film: "My Struggle" - gore sex humor

Local Favorites

  • Damien Catera - NY ex-Condemek guitar experiments
  • Ortho - NYC noise hijinx
  • Brutum Fulmen - CT electroacoustics