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Brutum Fulmen

Moon Boots

Eggshell and Four Dead
7" vinyl

Vital Weekly
Frans de Waard
I reviewed the Brutum Fulmen before from their various CDR releases. This is their first vinyl, which is released in a small edition, of 100 copies. Brutum Fulmen are a noise band, but one that think before acting (a sometimes rare feature in noise music). Their prime sources for the three tracks on this 7" are 'computer data files used as audio files. Additional sources on III: metal shelving, chain, aluminum innards of an electric radiator'. It sounds like a Karkowski treat, and to some extent it is as dense as Karkowski's work, but Brutum Fulmen arrive at a somewhat more ambient sound, with those occassional outbursts of violent noise. Rather then choosing an easy built up, Brutum Fulmen go from extreme noise to extreme silence and then break the scenery apart. Collage is their power here.
Eggshell and Four Dead
Phil Kretschman
So what if i released it, i can still review it objectively, right? North Jersey purveyors of a modern approach to experimental music, blending and paying homage to both the harsh noise and electroacoustic camps. Side A is a long journey into the depths of computer-based glitches and noises, creating an atmosphere like walking thru the bowels of some gigantic antiquated mainframe. First side closes with the aptly titled "Puncture", a searing minute of what's presumed to be the source material played back in white-hot noise fashion. Side B takes the moods of the first and extends them much deeper, adding various scrap metal objects to the disturbing sound mix. Subtletly and control are key throughout, and every sound on this record seems carefully and deliberately painted for maximum effect. I had no doubts this needed to be released upon hearing it. If you're familiar with the band thru their CDRs, picture condensed versions of "Rasputin" (from the Spork CD) without any compromise of emotion or beauty. Quite fascinating and very long, too. Available thru my Eggshell & Four Dead Label.