Tender Wreckage cover art
Vital Weekly
Frans de Waard
First about the cover: a great full colour pastiche of an old 50s sleeve, with small pictures of other LP's, supposedely by Lasse Marhaug and Brutum Fulmen, but who are clearly Elvis Presley, or Exotica. Done with great care this cover. For me Lasse and Brutum Fulmen (who are mainly Jeff Wrench and sometimes Ken Pfeifer) are the more interesting noise makers I know, simply because they go for anything loud, but they also (seem to) put more thought in it then most other noisicians.

Lasse Marhaug's side has four pieces of which three deal with sounds by Brutum Fulmen, such as their entire catalogue in 'Nine Thousand Things', in which the sped up sounds of reel to reel tapes form the main ingredient. 'Unmanned European Probe' is even a softer song, with the shrieks of violin (or feedback). The closing piece 'Music Has No Place In History' is a short droning affair.

On the other side we find Brutum Fulmen whose 'The Lament Of The Termite Queen' is a beautiful excursion feedback, metal shelving on metal cabient, sticks and large wooden power cable spool on pavement. If you read it like this, it 's sounds more heavy then what it is, an Arcane Device like feedback with concrete sounds. The next track is a likewise held back piece using a violin recording by Marhaug and is a remix of 'Five Minute Walk' by Marhaug (which is on the other side). The last piece is somewhat more noisy using hum, surface noise and feedback, but it's not anywhere near over the top. This is the best Brutum Fulmen I heard so far. They are also responsible for the cover, so a great product altogether.

James A. Hanna

for those of you stupid fucks who only pay attention to the latest piece of nambla literature disguised as a germanophilic double 10" compilation, lasse marhaug is a lunatic norwegian veteran of noise for noise's sake, and brutum fulmen are a bunch of americans who like to abuse household appliances. this thing comes in a sleeve poking fun at old major label records, including pictures of lasse's back catalogue from his previous lives, when he was, among other people, elvis "anus" presley.

marhaug gives us four essentially unseparated tracks. first one is a remix of everything record-mates b.f. have ever done. you get household appliances and creaky doors, basically. also some moaning and groaning and breaking stuff. rapid cuts with a little overlaying. nine minutes of this shit is something only a serious r&g/k2/sudden infant fan can stand. second one is a remix of a b.f. track... ambient with disruptions. much better, and busts into some very strange noise at one point. third one uses "old tapes + some brutum fulmen + random editing + ottmo's sampling virus" and has some busted up beat fragments mixed in there with the noise. lots of shit in here... if there were actually fans of early kidneystone material, i would recommend this to them. it'd be more useful if i just reminded the reader that the fellow behind this is the same guy on the second jazzkammer cd. last track is under a minute of low rumble.

brutum fulmen's first track uses "large wooden power cable spool on pavement + feedback + sticks + metal shelving on metal cabinet" so how the fuck could it not be good? dark with controlled feedback and the sounds of stuff clunking on other stuff.

it moves right into a remix of one of the tracks on the marhaug side. ambient again, with some little clips from the marhaug track over top from time to time... kind of develops into more of a disjointed shitty feedback passage, and then a heavy load of distortion... fuckin cool.

and finally, something using "loose cassette tape rubbed onto play heads + tape deck hum + vinyl record surface noise + feedback"... kidneystone used to tread this ground routinely, but the result here is considerably different, no doubt due in part to fulmen's access to fancy ass expensive equipment... but still good! basically this is what you can do when you use expensive equipment to fuck with recordings of inexpensive equipment... several varied passages here... lots of feedback, and the surface noise gives it a nice texture which complements the good parts and offsets the not so good parts, so you should be happy pretty much all the way through.

less than 20 minutes per side on this one, but it's priced cheap and certainly essential for anybody insane enough to want to get ahold of every piece of useless noise coming out of norway. and the fact that it's on vinyl, the shittiest possible medium for ANYTHING, doesn't even ruin it because the clicks and pops just meld in with everything else. how nice. also congratulations to the b.f. guys for competing rather well with marhaug.

Hey, forgot the lasse marhaug/brutum fulmen lp on gameboy! Coming in a funny cover that imitates various 50's/60's easy listening, jazz, rock'n'roll, etc lps and has some great noisy moments, not boring or pathetic on the contrary inspiring. Personally fancied a lot the brutum fulmen side! Great stuff worth checking it out.
Long overdue 12". Norway and Connecticut's finest sculptors collaborate to remix each other's finest works. Pure magic.