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Three live tracks all recorded in the wonderful state of massachusetts. the first two recorded live at the infamous RRRecords, and noumena's is from UMASS student radio. brutum fulmen presents a noiser-than-usual tape piece that makes me really wish he'd tour soon...dan's piece is starts off with a couple minutes of vocal wierdness that leads into a rather strong electroncs set...noumena rounds it out with an off-the-wall improv work of guitar, tapes, and electronics. mellow one second, screaming the next, riffing black sabbath the next. a fitting tribute to a beautiful state.
Massachusetts is one of the latest installments that Gameboy has to offer us. A three way split cd, actually documentation I'd say of 3 live pieces of Brutum Fulmen, Dan Bodah and Noumena. The first 2 recorded in store @ RRR, the Noumena piece recorded in another place. All recorded in 99 and mostly I see is more as a documentation showing their sound at that time, as at least for Brutum Fulmen & Noumena a progress has been made since then. Brutum Fulmen's piece is a more ambient noisy one, somehow I'd call it abstract at times, and stands as my favest of the cd. Dan Bodah plays a sort of cool noise which I fancied listening too and the same holds for Noumena, which is also a noisy piece I liked a lot, though am not so familiar w/ their work to be honest. More recommended to us noise lovers.
Howard Stelzer
A compilation of three groups performing live in the great state of Massachussetts. The Brutum Fulmen (featured on int013 [Variious]) and Dan Bodah were recorded live at RRRecords in Lowell, and Noumena's track is from a radio session at WMUA in Amhearst. Brutum Fulmen's track is especially lovely, all scraping metal and tape-warble.