April 9, 2011

Tweet: Music & Words

Amy Bilden - Broken Limbs

from Broken Limbs paintings by Amy Bilden

Watermellon by Mary Jo Lombardo

Cardinal Direction by Carlos Vela-Prado

Brutum Fulmen - Lament of the Termite Queen video title screen

screen from video by Brutum Fulmen

Ellen Hackl Fagan

ColorSoundGrammar_Figment by Ellen Hackl Fagan

photo by Donna Davie

photo by Donna Davie

Christine Goldbach - Early Light

Early Light by Christine Goldbach

Christian Grooms - H.W.1

H.W.1 by Christian Grooms

Roxanne Faber Savage - Evolution (detail)

Evolution (detail) by Roxanne Faber Savage

Gail Lee - Minescape

Minescape by Gail Lee

Suzanne Benton with mask

Suzanne Benton performing with mask

Two Turkeys Productions

actors from Two Turkeys Productions

Late Night Experiments by Holly Danger

A Multimedia Event
Factory Underground
Norwalk, CT

This two-day show will feature traditional and multimedia art plus live performances.

Brutum Fulmen will premier a video for the recording "Lament of the Termite Queen".



(April 9 only.)


The samples of art to the right are not necessarily the specific pieces which will be shown by individual artists.