Get Painted Project

Jeff Wrench Poster: Get Painted Free

the story

At a 2012 exhibit, I took pictures of art fans who were willing to be potential models, with a promise to send an image file to whoever I decided to paint.

I didn't expect how popular this would be — in only a few hours I had dozens of volunteers!

the paintings

Paintings are acrylic on either paint chip (about 3.25 x 7.5 inches) or wallpaper sample (about 12 x 17 inches), and are also available for sale.The originals are $25 for paint chip, or $100 for wallpaper (unframed, plus shipping).

I post images to my blog as I finish the paintings.

get painted free!

Sign up for my newsletter to watch how the project develops. If you want a chance at being painted, also send me a few good photos of your head after you sign up. If I paint you, I'll send you a free image file.

I am also entertaining pre-paid portrait commissions.