exquisite corpse

shall drink

the new wine.

This mysterious sentence was written by the Surrealists during the first game.


When several people contribute to a piece without seeing each other's work, the results can be amusing and strange.

Phase One


  • Jeff painted heads.
  • Nina painted feet.
  • Instead of a body, writers and poets contributed texts inspired by the artwork.



Visitor Participation Event


  • Draw an Exquisite Corpse with us
  • Write a short text with random words from our giant verb dice, poetry poker cards, and word jars.
  • Let us photograph you for future paintings.



Phase Two (Coming)


  • Paintings based on photos of visitors.
  • Painted "portraits" of the strange and wonderful Exquisite Corpse creatures discovered with our visitors during the event!


"Nude" by Yves Tanguy, Joan Miró, Max Morise, Man Ray. 1927.

MoMA collection.


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