exquisite corpse

shall drink

the new wine.

The mysterious sentence above came from the first playing of the Surrealist game and is the origin of its name.


The literary and drawing games employ Chance to generate surprising art by having several people contribute to a single work without seeing each other's input.

Our Project

For "Your Exquisite Corpse" we combine the visual and literary games.


  • One artist paints the head.
  • One artist paints the feet.
  • Instead of a body, writers and poets contribute texts inspired by the artwork.


And online we are able to randomly combine these parts, creating additional opportunities for serendipitous juxtapositions.


Your Participation

We invite you to participate by submitting any or all of the following:

  • a photo of your own head or legs & feet to inspire our future paintings
  • your painting or drawing of a person's head or legs & feet
  • a creative sentence, or rhyming couplet, or haiku, or other short text inspired by the art


We'll select submissions and our own new paintings based on your photos to periodically add to the Gallery on this website.


Participate online now or in person during our Massachusetts ArtWeek 2018 Event.





How to Participate Online


Visit our ArtWeek 2018 Event

"Nude" by Yves Tanguy, Joan Miró, Max Morise, Man Ray. 1927.

MoMA collection.


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