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How to Paint or Be Painted!

Step 1:  Make Something


Paint or draw a head or feet.

Take a picture of it.


Be Painted!

Take a photo of your whole head or legs & feet. Or both. Wear what you like. Face forward. Good focus and lighting please!



Write something inspired by the art on this site. An intriguing sentence. A rhyming couplet. A haiku? Be creative!

Step 2:  Post it to Instagram


@noisician on Instagram - Jeff Wrench

@ninasnook on Instagram - Nina Rossi

Compose & Tag

Prepare an Instagram post:

Tags users @noisican and @ninasnook.

Use hashtag #YourExquisiteCorpse.

Tell us something about your submission.

To send writing, put it in an image or in the message.

Post It!

We monitor Instagram for tagged posts and will acknowledge submissions. Periodically we select photos to use for paintings, and your art or text to add to the Exquisite Corpse!

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