Self Portrait, Grimacing (detail)

collisions of colors,

brush marks,


meet on wallpaper

and end up looking

more or less

like people


self taught artist

acrylic on various surfaces



My portraits celebrate our shared humanity and the beauty of the everyday. Not merely the faces of models, celebrities, or the rich and powerful but real people.


Colorful, expressionistic paintings on mundane surfaces like sheets of wallpaper, paint chips, and brown paper bags. Stripped of rhetoric they feature the most commonplace yet most beautiful sight, the human face.

photo by Andy Castillo


I’ve always been interested in drawing as long as I can remember, but did not attend art school or make it part of my professional life. Then in 2012, I discovered a love for painting portraits, and in 2017 left my corporate career, sold the house, and moved to a small apartment in western Massachusetts so I could afford to spend more time painting.


Since then I’ve shown my art in group and solo exhibitions, painted public art in Amherst and Northampton, MA, and been interviewed in local magazines, newspapers, and on TV.


I also have an experimental music project, Brutum Fulmen.


photo by Andy Castillo

C.V. - Painting




  • 2020, Hope & Feathers, Amherst, MA. (Solo) [Canceled due to COVID-19]
  • 2020, Coldwell Banker, Northampton, MA. (Solo) [Canceled due to COVID-19]
  • 2020, Hosmer Gallery, Forbes Library, Northampton, MA. (3-person) [Canceled due to COVID-19]
  • 2020, Hawks & Reed, Greenfield, MA. (Solo) [Canceled due to COVID-19]


  • 2019-2020, Ramboll, Amherst MA. (2-person)
  • 2019, Sonelab Recording studio, Easthampton, MA. (Solo)
  • 2019, Burnett Gallery at Jones Library, Amherst, MA. (2-person)
  • 2019, Hawks & Reed Performing Arts, Greenfield, MA. (Solo)
  • 2019, Holyoke Arts League Wistariahurst Exhibition, Holyoke, MA. (Group)


  • 2018, Slice of Humanity, Nina’s Nook, Turners Falls, MA. (4-person)
  • 2018, Your Exquisite Corpse for Arts Week at Great Falls Center, Greenfield, MA. (2-person)
  • 2018, Your Exquisite Corpse for Arts Week at Hawks & Reed, Greenfield, MA. (Two-person)
  • 2018, Small Works, Hope & Feathers, Amherst, MA. (Group)
  • 2018, Holyoke Arts League Wistariahurst Exhibition, Holyoke, MA. (Group)


  • 2017, Triple SSS  (Sensual, Sexual, Smut), Nina’s Nook, Turners Falls, MA. (Group)


Awards & Commissions


  • 2019, Painting selected for the cover of Meat For Tea (art & lit magazine) summer 2019 issue, with interview and additional painting inside.
  • 2019, Commissioned by Northampton Arts Council to paint a mural of Sojourner Truth at the center of Florence (village of Northampton).
  • 2019, First Place in Acrylic & Water Media, Holyoke Arts League juried Wistariahurst Exhibition.


  • 2018, Commissioned by Amherst Public Art Commission to paint a mural of Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost at the center of town.
  • 2018, First Place in Acrylic & Oil, Holyoke Arts League juried Wistariahurst Exhibition.




  • Greenfield Recorder, "Deeper Than Skin" interview and photos, October 3, 2019.
  • MassLive. Article, photos, video about vandalism of Emily Dickinson mural, August 14, 2019.
  • Meat For Tea. Cover art, interview, interior art. Vol 13, Issue 2. June 2019.
  • MassLive. Article about Holyoke Arts League Wistariahurst Exhibition, including photo and quotes from an interview with me at the opening reception. June 19, 2019.






C.V. - Brutum Fulmen - experimental music


Partial Discography


  • A Systematic Way to Achieve Astral Projection, cassette on Banned Production. 2011.
  • 1000 Suns, cassette on Throne Heap. 2007.
  • New England, one LP side in a 5LP box set for RRRecords 20th anniversary. 2004.
  • Massachusetts, live split CD with Dan Bodah and Noumena on Gameboy Records. 2002.
  • Flesh of the Moon, CD on Crippled Intellect Productions. 2002.
  • Tender Wreckage, split LP with Lasse Marhaug on Gameboy Records. 2001.
  • Variious, compilation CD on Intransitive Recordings. 2000.
  • Moon Boots, 7” vinyl on Eggshell and Four Dead. 1998.




  • Jun 1, 2019, screening of two Brutum Fulmen short music films at Abandoned Building Brewery, Easthampton, MA, as part of the Meat For Tea issue release party.
  • Jun 2, 2001, Rooftop Noise Show, Manhattan, NY.
  • Jun 1, 2001, A Night of International Noise, The 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY. An event I organized: three floors of simultaneous performances and film.
  • Mar 23, 2001, Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA.
  • Mar 16, 2001, The 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY and broadcast on Free 103.9fm.
  • Oct 6, 2000, Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA.
  • Apr 18, 1999, WMUA UMass Amherst, live on-air radio performance.
  • Apr 18, 1999, Flywheel, Easthampton, MA.
  • Apr 17, 1999, RRRecords, Lowell, MA. Saturday matinee.
  • Mar 12, 1999, ABC No Rio, New York. Live collaboration with Japan’s MSBR.




  • The Wire. Review of Brutum Fulmen CD Flesh of the Moon. Issue 223, Sept 2002.
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